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Praetorian Group initiated these transactions, acted as financial advisor to the sellers and assisted in the negotiations and financing.



2 Units in

Reading, PA


23 Units in

Indiana & Ohio to Midwest

First Star, Inc.

8 Units to

Saddle Peak, LLC

Little Rock, AR for: $3,600,000

51 Units

in the LIttle Rock, AR, Virginia Beach, VA & St. Louis, MO, terrirories to: Altes, LLC for:


45 Units

in the Birmingham, AL market to: Farooqi Properties, LLC for:


35 Units

Seattle, WA

26 Units


1 Unit

in Atlanta, GA

5 Units

in Columbus, MN

1 Unit in

New Paltz, NY

1 Unit in

Bowling Green, KY

6 Units in

Norfolk, VA

5 Units in

Ft. Smith, AK

2 Units in

Dense Urban Boston Area, Massachusetts


1 Unit in

Waldorf, MD

51 Units to MJKL Enterprises

Midwest, LLC

Champaign, IL Peducah and Lousville, KY



1 Unit in

Orlando, FL

2 Units in

Clinton & Alexandria, MD

1 Unit in

Columbus, OH

3 Units in

Northport & Tuscaloosa, AL

112 Units

in the Greater Georgia market to:

Grand Star, LLC for


68 Units

in the Southern California market to: Classic Leasing, LLC for: $68,000,000

62 Units

in the Mobile, AL, West Palm Beach and Orlando, FL terrirories to: Titan Holdings, LLC for:


30 Units

in Kansas City, DMA to: Rising Star, LLC for


23 Units

Valuation and Sales/Leaseback transaction

18 Units

in the Orlando, FL DMA to: Tony Capley & a Group

of Investors from: US Leader Restaurants, Inc.

16 Units

Orlando, FL

67 Units in

Florida & Missouri

41 Units

in Tennessee &

West Virginia

1 Unit in

Duluth, MN

5 Units in

Kentucky, WV

5 Units in

Olathe, KS

2 Units in

Waterloo/Dubuque, IA

1 Unit in

Clifton Park, NY

3 Units in

Columbia, SC

1 Unit in

Stoughton, MA

1 Unit in

Stratford, CT

8 Units in

Kansas City, MO

3 CT Territories



5 Units in

Upstate, NY

6 Units in

Dense Urban Boston Area Massachusetts

26 Units to

Krishna Foods,

LLC Peoria and Quincy, IL for: $7,700,000

61 Units

in the Detroit, MI, Kansas City, MO & Philadelphia, PA terrirories to: The Great Lakes Restaurant Group

17 Units

in the Des Moines & Cedar Rapids, IA DMA to:

West Star Foods, for


16 Units

in Tri-Cities, TN

1 Unit

East Tauton, MA

2 Units in

Salem/Cambridge, MA

1 Unit in

Framingham, MA

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